Bittó Security Service

Bittó Security Service has a 11 year past of continuous progress. Due to the trust our partners put in us we have developed from a limited partnership employing 3 people to a reliable, professionally acknowledged company limited working with 500 employees and having wide references. Our company lays great stress on high-quality personnel training, as well as establishing an appropriate technical background as it is the only way to meet our own quality demands and to offer continuously high standard of service to our customers in accordance with three basic principles of the Bittó Ltd.

Safety - High level of quality - Discretion

Scope of activity

The main activity of Bittó Defence and Investigation Service Ltd. involves personal and property protection, but it is prepared to offer more comprehensive and complex services to its contractual partner companies (plants, office buildings, institutions etc.) and private persons too. In the following we give you a short review of our activities.

Consultation in property protection

"Property protection?! All right, but how?" - this is the first question our Clients ask.
In elaborating protection concept of a concrete object (premises, flat etc.) and preparing the safeguarding plan, i.e. in answering these questions wide professional knowledge is necessary and at the same time expectations, material and financial situation of our Client should also be considered. Our company takes the above into consideration but prepares its recommendations concerning property protection tasks and works out the safeguarding plan of a given object without compromise and with the aim to offer maximal safety. The safeguarding plan contains instructions the quality level and reliability of property protection are based on. When the concept for property protection is worked out - considering advantages and disadvantages - it has to be decided whether the given premises shall be guarded by live force or by technical equipment or by the combination of the two.

Guarding with live force

Inevitable advantage of guarding by live force in personal and property protection lays in the fact that a man is able to perceive more information parallel than the technical equipment, and he may act at once when the undesirable events happen, his activity may be flexibly modified, he may evaluate the situation and as a result of this may take differentiated measures.

Guarding of objects

We plan, organize and implement safeguarding of our Clients buildings, projects, areas and sites (objects) and prevention of attacks against property by considering characteristics of the given object, knowing its property protection situation. According to our existing practice if live force is applied this includes reception service, security service and property protection services separately or as a combined system

Reception service

This service includes:

  • control of entrance legality
  • admission and letting out according to instructions
  • reception of arriving guests and accompanying them inside the objects
  • documentation instructed or accepted by the Clients
  • monitoring the electronic safety warning system

Security service

Our colleagues assigned to security service have basically the following duties:

  • control of loading and unloading, as well as cargo handling in the site
  • control of internal vehicle and personal movements
  • opening and closing of gates that are not always open
  • control the observance of environmental instructions, work, and fire protection as well as for prevention of accidents.

Protection of department stores

Protection of department stores represents a special task within property protection, as the object and the goods on hand have to be defended not only against unauthorized, violent access but they also have to be protected from thefts of customers and employees. Our company has employees for this job who have large professional practice and experience.

Property protection service

The basic tasks of the guards include:

  • safeguarding of sites, warehouses, plants, office buildings, department stores and other commercial units etc. in and after working hours (opening hours)
  • prevention of intrusions, securing the place in case of attempted intrusion, taking the necessary measures (in case of fire, attempted burglary, breakage etc.)

Safeguarding and delivery of money and valuables

Bittó Ltd undertakes delivery of money and valuables of companies and private persons in a professional and safeguarded way, official administration work and sorting and payment of the money delivered.